Community Alerts

 What Not To Flush!

The District included an insert (click here for a printable copy) with your September utility bill regarding certain items that should never be flushed into the sewer system or allowed in the drains. The reason for this notification is because Toho Water Authority (“Toho”) informed the District that there have been some of these unsuitable materials in the wastewater/sewer collection system at their lift station, which are expressly prohibited under the District’s Large User Agreement with Toho and have caused obstructions and other maintenance issues for Toho.

We need everyone’s cooperation in this effort so that the District can remain in compliance with our agreement with Toho and to avoid any additional expenses that may be incurred if Toho has to perform further significant repairs to clear any wastewater backups.

Please do not hesitate to contact the District office if you have any questions regarding this memo, and we appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Online Billing and Payment Options

You may now make online utility payments, view your billing history or usage history, and see the details of your utility account. Click here to be routed to the online billing system.

Please note, this link is best viewed with Internet Explorer in order to be able to make payments on your account.

Utility Issues

If you are experiencing a loss of water for no explained reason, please check this page first.

If the District has to shut off water for certain areas to repair a water main break, we will notify Town Hall as well as post the information on this page of the website.

Currently there are no system-wide shut downs.

You should not be experiencing any low pressure in the potable lines.

If you are experiencing low pressure (potable water), you may have a problem with the pressure-reducing valve to your home. Please contact the Enterprise CDD for assistance.

If you have no water service today, not including irrigation water, please contact Customer Service at 407-566-4132.