Other Public Records

We have included a number of other records for your information and use. If there is something you are interested in but do not see on the website, please contact the District Office.

Establishment Ordinance: This is the document establishing the District, effective March 1994.

Rules of Procedure (2011): These administrative rules reflect the policies and procedures by which the District operates and includes subjects like how meetings and workshops are advertised and run, how the District solicits proposals and bids for construction or maintenance services, and other details regarding the Board members and District operations. These rules are supported by various Florida Statutes, as noted within the body of the rules. These rules cannot be changed by a motion of the Board or by approving a Resolution but must be changed through the rulemaking process, which includes proper advertisement of a public hearing for rulemaking and the hearing itself, at which time the Board of Supervisors will hear public comment, make any appropriate changes or additions to the rules, and then formally adopt them

Operating Policies and Procedures (2011) (OPP): The OPP sets forth how the District will operate the utility system in its entirety, including information on billing issues, delinquent bills, and other issues related to the utility billing for all customers.. As with the District’s Rules of Procedure, these Operating Policies and Procedures are adopted through the rulemaking process and cannot be changed or amended by vote or Resolution unless that Board meeting has been properly noticed as a public hearing for the purposes of rulemaking.

Fiscal Year 2018 rate schedule: This schedule was adopted through rulemaking and describes the various rates, fees and charges for the utility system.

2016 drinking water quality report: This report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to you every day. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources.

For development projects interested in the manuals related to this District, please visit the Utility Manuals page under the Utilities tab.